Basha Wide Open MRI Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr Basha

Hello, I wanted you to know I’ve come there several times for MRI’s both in Royal Oak and Sterling Heights.  I had the pleasure of meeting Heather years ago. She is so positive, hard working, compassionate, extremely professional, and so caring.  After years she was still the same. Such a beautiful person and you’re so lucky to have an employee who does such a wonderful job. I will continue coming to Basha, you have success because of individuals like Heather.
Sincerely Susan


“I was surprised at how comfortable I felt during the MRI.  It really was “Wide Open” and it was so quick!”

-Susan, Sterling Heights, MI

“My children are so busy with their jobs and families.  That’s why I choose Basha Diagnostics for my tests.  They send a friendly driver and van right to my house to pick me up and drop me off for my exam free of charge.”

-Margaret, Detroit, MI

“I called my local hospital to get scheduled for an MRI, but they told me the soonest I could get in for an appointment was in 3 weeks time.  I was devastated, as the anxiety of waiting and worrying was too much for me to handle.  Then I called Basha Diagnostics, and they were able to get me in the very next day!  I was so relieved to be able to get the testing I needed done immediately and was even more impressed by how quickly the results were sent to my doctor.” 

-Robyn, Ferndale, MI


“The MRI was so quick! Amazing!”

-Rebecca, Warren

“My doctor told me I needed a Cat Scan and gave me the names of a few outpatient centers I could go to for the exam.  I called each of the clinics to find out the cost, as I had been laid off of work and did not have insurance, and was weary when I heard the high costs of the exams.  But when I called Basha Diagnostics, they were so helpful and were able to work around my financial situation and get me in for the exam at a price I could afford.  If I hadn’t called Basha, I don’t know what I would have done.  I am so grateful there are still physicians out there who put patients ahead of profit.”

-Janice, Detroit, MI




“I was impressed by the state of the art equipment.  I thought only hospitals had this kind of technology.  I’m so glad I came to Basha!”

-John, Grosse Pointe, MI


“My name is Howard and recently I took my mother in for an MRI.  Because of her weight, almost 400 pounds, I was worried that we would have trouble finding a clinic that would be able to accommodate her.  When I heard the commercial for Basha Diagnostics and that their Wide Open MRI could hold patients up to 550 pounds, I called right away.  When we arrived for her appointment, the staff was so accommodating, and helped her get onto the exam table and eased her into the MRI without any trouble at all.  I was amazed at the technology and speed of the exam, and in no time at all, her exam was done.”

-Howard, Oak Park, MI

“Our son needed an MRI of his left shoulder.  The problem was, our son has always had trouble with confined spaces and we were worried that his claustrophobia would get in the way the MRI exam. But when we called to schedule the appointment and shared our concerns with the staff at Basha Diagnostics, they recommended their “Wide Open MRI”.  On his appointment day he was able to relax once he saw how wide open the machine was and had no trouble holding still during the exam.  We are so glad we came to Basha Diagnostics”

-Susan and Mark Meyers, Southfield, MI


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